Wifi disconnects mid file transfer, transfer fails

Hi there,

I just got the device yesterday and it seems to be working fine as a backup drive but the wireless features so far are unreliable.

The My Passport network just disappears every once in a while and I have to restart the device (even though the lights remain as they should the entire time). It just happened to me while I was transferring files from a mobile device to the app and the transfer failed in the middle. I don’t want to try transferring again because it’s likely that the network will go mute again.

My own internet connection has been flawless, so it can’t be the reason.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is this a bug with my device or just poor performance?

Hi there,

Does this happens also when you are connected to the Passports wifi connection?

Yes, that’s precisely the problem. I’m connected to the wifi, and then all of a sudden the network disappears while the device itself continues to signal that everything is working fine. In the meantime, the transfer fails and I have to start all over again.

Hi there,

Have you tried to reset the unit or doing a factory restore system only? Here is a link that might help you with this procedure:

The MPW needs to be close to whatever device you are transferring files to. Example. if you are using the MPW signal, and transferring files from it, to say, a mobile phone set MPW on table next to you while holding the phone. a few feet away or set them both on the same table.

I have experienced the exact same behavior. Several times. My home network works flawlessly.
Quite annoying.