Transfering multiple files from my Laptop to my MyCloud EX2 Ultra

Hi all. I have a MyCloud EX2Ultra. (Disclaimer, I am NOT tech savvy) And I want to use it to backup files off my laptop. Recently The hard drive in my laptop crashed and I had to buy a new one, and pay $700 to recover the files from the crashed drive. When I try to move a folder from my laptop to the MyCloud, it forces me to open the folder and download each file. Yes I know about the Ctrl key trick, but still its a slow process. Additionally has anyone ever set up a way to have files backed up automatically to the My Cloud?

I am using my PC, firmware 5.27.157. I would like to drag and drop.

Drag from my PC documents folder to MyCloud

I’m using documents in Windows. When I try to drag the folder it just drags the folder not the contents

I will try that tomorrow, thank you.

Use GoodSync for auto backup, or Windows filles bank feature