File Transfer

I have just purchased the EX2 Ultra.

When transferring files over from PC it appears to just transfer off the pics over to the Drive but wont do it by Folder.

Can this be done or do I need to Create a Folder for each file im trying to transfer over?


jimbo…are you just using copy/paste or drag/drop of a whole folder from the PC to the EX2…and the whole folder does not transfer by creating the new folder on the device? Normally you should not have to first create a Folder before transferring the contents. Will Sub-folders of this primary folder also not being re-created? Strange that files work but Folders don’t!

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I didnt know that option was available.

I was having to recreate the folder then upload all the pics

jimbo…what option you didn’t know about? I’m guessing that you are not using a Passport back-up program, but just a copy or drag of files straight to your external HD. Normally, a copy or drag process should create a non-existant folder. Copy/paste, for me, is usually safer than drag/drop. I’ve had to be really careful that when you drag files into another window, your mouse doesn’t drop the items into another folder by mistake…for me, if I’m copy or dragging many or different files, I do a “cntl N” to open a 2nd Explorer window. This way, I can visually see the 'from folder and the 'to folder…makes the copying a little easier.

I did try the drag and drop, but nothing happened, as you can probably tell, not that tech savvy.

Can you direct me to any vids or tutorial on you tube or something.


In the copy and paste you mention, copy is ok but paste to where on my dashboard?

jimbo…the copy/paste or drag/drop routines are pretty neat. Do an internet search on the topics…lots of youtube or sites available. I’m guessing that you are copying files/folders from a PC tree structure and want to save-as a copy for backup or just to move the files/folder to your external HD. I’m also guessing that you are not using or planning to use a Backup program on that drive or to the cloud.

I usually open another Explorer window using a Cntl key and N letter which produces another window. You can then configure each window to point to your PC folder and the Folder/location on the HD drive. Now you can copy (rt mouse select) and move over to 2nd window and paste (rt mouse select) to where ever you want. If you want it in a new folder, you must first create it.

For drag/drop you would press the left mouse and hold while you drag it to the 2nd window…releasing the mouse will drop the item…like I said before, this is tricky because you can sometimes drop it into a folder that you were not aware that it did or lose track of it…Copy/Paste is much safer!

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Apologies for late reply, was day shift this week LOL

When I open the Browser of File Tree and can easily copy but when I click the EX" ULTRA in the network list it opens the Web Browser page, is this correct?

Jimbo…oh oh, I didn’t know you were trying to store files/folders to a Cloud device…your initial posted question indicated that you could paste a file but not a folder.

  • so, is that the same to the cloud platform?
  • you indicated that the copy of a Tree folder or file works using the rt mouse, but when you pick the cloud device…a window internet website of your device shows up. I’m guessing that you needed to Login before being granted access to what you have stored (as shown in you pic). On a side note: does the paste work when you select one of your locally attached device…for both files and folders (where it creates the folders/ and sub-folders if none exists)?
  • I see you already have stuff on you Cloud…how were these placed?
  • my only experience with this is when I use the Google Cloud device to transfer (up to 15g) to someone else thru an Email link. For that process, I need to log on to the Google My Drive web site and actually do the Copy from within the Web Page, to it from the PC folder. Then I share the location, which generates an Email to the Receiver with a link. That person must also have a Google account and can now see the specific file/folder, even if there are multiple items…pretty neat.
  • you are going to have to investigate Cloud interfaces…I see that Passport Backup has a cloud storage method…so I would go looking in the forum…I’m not sure how you got the Cloud service set up before and where did you get it from…sorry I couldn’t be of help!
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Im basically trying to move thousands of pics from my PC to this WD MyCloudEX2 Hard Drive

The files already there are the ones I had to move one at a time and re create the folder and sub folders individually

Jimbo…excuse my ignorance…when you previously moved the files individually, did you first pick(copy) the files from the PC side and then paste(drop) directly onto the Cloud device?

I did a quick look at some youtube video on that device and how to transfer…I suggest you review some of the process… Looks like there is an Explorer type interface that you can copy/paste or drag/drop…sorry that I cannot say exactly how since I don’t use…

There was no place to PASTE the files into. Nothing opens for that option.

So, no I didnt copy and paste, but thats what I think would be easier and quicker than the add a file individualy to a folder that I had to add also.

Thanks for the assistance though

Much appreciated.

Will have to did deeper and try find easiest way


The way I had to transfer was use that UPLOAD button and only one pic at a time after I had created folders and sub folders


When using my Google Cloud (which really is a place in the sky, rather than your HD attached Cloud) I open the Google and it opens a web page. When I want to move a whole folder, I use a similar upload/download and just select the whole folder on the PC tree. It then just copies and creates a same named folder.

I suspect if on you File Viewer window you first double click open an existing folder, you should be able to download a whole folder or file into that folder, just like Explorer. If you are wanting to randomly select multiple folders and files, you should be able to pick the first item then depending if you want a string of items or a single random item…press the SHIFT key and pick the last item for a string, OR press the CNTL key and pick every other file. Leave the keys depressed till all items are highlighted. This feature should highlight the string or individual then you can do what you want to do to copy to you HD Cloud. Not sure if this helps or is confusing. The keyboard shortcut works.

Also, are you really using your device as a Cloud platform where you share folders thru a network for friend and family outside to access…or is is used just as a local backup for your single PC. Happen to see this… Can I use the WD MyCloud drive as an external drive only?

Just another note I found. Item 4, 5 there may be something here

it was bought so I can back up thousands of pics that I can access anywhere.

I also thought I would be able to give my girls access to store stuff as their mac books and Ipads dont hold much stuff.

I’m learning so much about these different devices…nice to be able to have your own Cloud device…do you also do backups to this unit, or is this the backup to your stuff still stored on you PC?

Did the keyboard shortcuts, Cntl and Shift offer any help…and I’m curious if items 4,5 worked or did you found another way to transfer larger amts of data more easily…