Transfer from MyCloud Mirror to EX4

Well I’ve maxed out my 4TB Mirror and purchased a 16TB EX4. Both are plugged into the router, and when trying to drag-n-drop from one share to the other, I’m getting transfer speeds of 1mb/s. At that rate, it should take me a little over 24 days to copy 2 TB worth of data. Is there anything I can do to speed this up?

Hi, there is a feature called “Remote backup” which you can use to set up a backup from the Mirror to the EX and you should be able to move the information around without issues. Although it says that is remote, you can use locally as well.

You can see it on the user manual .

So remote backup worked great and completed the transfer in about 24 hours. My problem now is that is saved it in //IP/Public/Name of machine/Name of backup/

I really just wanted the data saved in Public. Trying to move it out of the nested folder is going extremely slow, and appears to be close to the 1mb/s I was experiencing with the original transfer. Any trick to moving the data out of the nested file structure? Thanks!

To answer my own question, I ssh’d into the machine and “renamed” with mv. This worked fine for the bulk of the move. Rsync was taking forever.