Transfer data from Macbook to MyCloud 4TB

I’m using a MacBook 15" and I need help on speed up the time for transferring data from another External HDD to WD My cloud
Please help me with those ideas

  1. Can I use thunderbolt cable for DIRECTLY transfer from Macbook to WD My cloud? (if yes, then I will transfer data from my External HDD to my laptop )
  2. Or any way that I can speed up, because I’ve about 2TB :((

I appreciate your help & I’m sorry for my English

No you cannot connect the Mac directly to the My Cloud using a USB cable. The USB port on the My Cloud only supports devices like USB hard drives being attached to it.

One has several options. The first is to connect the mac to a Gigabit router/switch using an Ethernet cable and transfer/copy the files to the My Cloud over a gigabit Ethernet connection. A second option is to copy the files from the Mac to a USB hard drive connected to the Mac. Then connect that USB hard drive to the My Cloud’s USB port and use SSH to issue a copy command to copy the files/data from the USB hard drive to the My Cloud.

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Tks you so much Bennor , I will try it !!