My cloud full

I wonder if anyone can help I have a 1tb wd my cloud external hard drive which I have near filled up now I’m going to buy a 6 tb seagate external drive and am wondering is there any way of transferring the stuff from the my cloud drive to the new one with out having to put all the stuff back onto my MacBook then transferring it on to the new drive as there doesn’t seem to be anyway of linking them together by a cable

@Krisn1 Do you own a My Cloud or a My Cloud Home?

If you own a My Cloud connected to your router and the new Seagate will also be connected to your router on the same network you should be able to drag and drop and/or copy and paste.

See Example image below however this is on my Windows PC. I am dragging and dropping the Pictures folder from my WDMYYCLOUD to WDMYCLOUDTWO. Click on, tap or activate image to enlarge it.

I will give it ago i don’t know why I didn’t think of that thought it was going to be bloody difficult to do cheers👍

Just make sure, if possible, to use a computer connected via ethernet wire to the same router as the My Cloud. And that both the router and computer support Gigabit ethernet. If using WiFi or 10/100 speed networking the file copying will probably be much slower than gigabit etherent.