Macbook USB to My Cloud

I want to transfer 200GB of photos from my Macbook Pro using the USB. I want to be able to move my files there so I can delete them from the Mac and make some room for newer photos.


  • The newer Macbook Pros do not have ethernet ports so using an ethernet cable isn’t a good solution.
  • Even with an AC wireless router, attempting to move 100GB through drag and drop in Finder estimated it at 4 days!
  • I’ve tried WD Sync but if I delete photos from my Mac to make room, that would delete photos from the MyCloud as well, which would defeat the purpose of doing so.

Ideally MyCloud would automatically copy any new photos from the Mac so I can look up later while affording me to make deletions and room on my Mac. I’ve searched all over the place and can’t seem to find a good solution next to just purchasing another external hard drive that can connect by USB.

What about purchasing a USB to Ethernet adapter?

You cannot connect the My Cloud direct to a PC via the USB port.

As such your sort of limited to either; using WiFi to move the data. Or getting a USB external hard drive and copying the data to it, then connecting the USB external hard drive to the My Cloud and using one of the WD My Cloud apps or desktop programs to issue the copy command to transfer data through the WD My Cloud’s USB port. Using a USB to Ethernet adapter mentioned above. Or, which will void your My Cloud warrantee, remove the WD My Cloud hard drive from it’s enclosure, connecting it to an external USB SATA adapter which you then connect to a computer/OS that supports reading the ext4 format, then copy the data to fourth partition of the WD My Cloud hard drive (an ex4 formatted partition) into a Share that was created prior via the WD My Cloud Dashboard. Or copying the data to another computer that has an Ethernet port and transfer the data from that computer to the My Cloud.

Oh, and tell Apple that you won’t buy another of their computers unless it has an Ethernet port…