Transfer all files from "my passport" to new computer

Buying a new computer. Would think that it should be easy to plug in the “my passport” external drive to new computer and it would say something like "what would you like to do? and give options like “transfer all files” or “select files to transfer” then hit the button and away it goes to the new computer. Contact with WD support talks about selecting files, copying and pasting each one. Really?


You could refer to the following link:

Usually selecting all files then copy and paste works very smoothly and it is the most simple way to transfer all files but don’t know you are unable to do that.

Normally, after connecting your drive, select the files you wants to transfer, copy them & paste to the desired location. This is the easiest way to transfer files from drive to computer or vice versa.

Further, if required you can also use any 3rd party tool to transfer data or migrating complete drives data to the computer.

Manually transferring files works using copy/paste rt mouse functions. You can also use drag/drop where you pick a file/folder and left mouse drag it into another folder/drive. If you cntl-n an Explorer window, a new window will appear that you can toggle to where you want to go. Then just drag/drop or even use the copy/paste from one window to the other. Copy/paste is safer because you can end up Dropping the dragged file/folder into an unwanted location that you cannot locate.

  • manual moving files works if you know which you want, but must do this on new copies of the same file…like a backup. Setting up a Backup process would take care of new updated copies.