Restoring Select Files from My Passport Ultra Metal to new PC

I backed up my old PC to “My Passport Ultra Metal” and now I need to move those files to my new PC. However, my new PC doesn’t have as much storage so I don’t want to move ALL my files. If I select the files I want to move, what happens to the rest of it? Can I still access those files later or are they erased? My photos and videos are the culprit here and I don’t want to lose them forever.


I assume you are using WD Backup. Connect the Passport to the new computer. Open Backup and select Restore. Select the location on the new PC where you want the files. Click “Select the Files” … . Select the files you want to COPY, not MOVE and only those will be COPIED. If you are using WD Smartware, there is a similar Retrieve function.

Can you get another Passport and COPY from one to the other? Then if one Passport fails you have a true Backup available. We see many requests on how to recover photos and videos that are only available on one drive that has failed.