WD My Passport Ultra 2T Restore to new PC

I have been backing up my PC to this drive for a while now. I have gotten a new PC and want to restore all to my new PC. I cannot find a clear way to do it. I tried it once and cannot find my files


First, what method were you using to save your PC files? It does not seem to be Copy and Paste, so I guess at WD Smartware or WD Backup. I’m not really familiar with WD Smartware, so I’ll assume you used WD Backup.

With Backup open you need to use the Restore feature. But you must not restore any Operating System files from the backup disk. To do so could wipe out the new system on the new PC.

Open WD Backup and select “Restore”. On the new page select “Original Location” and then “Select Files to Restore”. In the list of versions on the right select the latest at the top. Soon you should have a list of folders in the left window. Click in the small box for the top folder and that should select all the lower ones. Now deselect any folder or sub folders that look like Operating System, especially Windows on the C: drive. I would suggest restoring the C:Users folder. You may also need the Program folders, but be selective. If you have another internal drive on both PC’s, then you should be able to Restore those files too.