I want to move my passport to a new computer

How do I delete all the old files on my passport and move the passport to a new computer to begin backing it up.


Open WD Drive Utilitities and select “Drive Erase”. A Blue envelope symbol.

You can Download WD Drive Utilities by clicking Download at the top of the Support screen…

I gather you have transferred your files from the old computer to the new one.

Good Luck,

I have now completely erased my passport (and yes I have saved all the info
I needed from my old computer). I’m confused by all the different
instructions as to how to reinstall the software that came with the drive
so that it will now work with my new computer. Before I do my other one, I
want to make sure I can get the first one working. I’m using Windows 10.
There is also a newer working one attached to my new computer which I have
disconnected in order to avoid mistakenly messing that one up. Thanks.

*Sue *


You only NEED three programs if they did not come with the new drive.

  1. WD Smartware or WD Backup. See if you have WD Smartware Pro available. That is what I use, but it seems to be extra charge.

  2. WD Security and 3. WD Utilities. Both may be included in each download.

See if you have or can find WD Discovery. I t is a nice package for all features.