Toshiba 1tb with firmware 1.02.21


i just bought the wd tv live. the player recognizes the external hd (toshiba 1tb store alu). after updating the firmware to 1.02.21 the player doesn’t recognize the hd anymore.

can someone please help me?


p.s.: sorry for my poor english, i’am from  germany. :slight_smile:


I have the same problem with my WD 1 tb external USB Hd.

I am a user of Wd TV live HD for a month.

After upgrading 1.02.21 firmware. My media player doesn’t work with 1 tb WD USB harddisk.

I have tried the new beta upgrade 1.03.22 , but nothing is changed.

My player is working with my 16 Gb flashdisk.

What should i do?

Should i try to install the older firmware? Where can i find it? It is not in the upgrade session.

And i think it wont be a good solution. because i started to use new ınternet features with the new upgrade.

I am looking for your good sloutions. Please help…

Hey, i have the same problem. Since the version 1.02.21 i get no connection to my 1 TB USB hard drive. Also i have upgrade to version 1.03.35, but the same problem, no connection to my hard drive. But when i downgrade to Version 1.01.24. it is ok. I get a connection to my hard drive?!

My little (500 GB) hard drive get a connection, wherever which version is installed.

I am very angry about.

Dear Users,

I have the same problem.

Toshiba USB 1 TB Harddrive with WD 10EAVS does`t work, can not more find at the computer.

I bould a used one and had fitted it in the Toshiba chassis, works without a problem.

I can not use a Diagnostic program without fitting it into the computer.

Does anyone know which prorgam works on USB Harddrive.

I am also really angry about because the Harddisk is only 1 1/2 year old and I need the datas on it.

Best regards