Too Many Password Attempts - Locked Out

Good afternoon.

I’ve had a Passport we bought at work for about 2 months now. I’ve never setup a password for it but recently it’s telling me it’s locked due to too many failed attempts on a password (which is a lie).

Disk Management shows the space is now unalloted and I am unable to view/format/initialize, really anything with this passport device.

If anyone knows a suggestion that will allow me to get this thing back up and running, I would greatly appreciate it.

Got lucky, did a firmware update and it fixed my issue.

Did it allow you to reformat the drive, or did it give you your original data back?

Had to format. Lost all data.

I may  have a solution to the Password problems you seem to be having; I save my passwords and user IDs in a notebook file on

thumb drive andalsouse Hotkeyz: I have to type with my left hand after being right-handed for our 40 years

(strokes).  Hotkeyzallows me to use 1 OR 2 keystrokes, like Alt. F10, to type in my most frequently password.  And I use notebook

file for others out of the ordinary, to store those in!

Oh, I am not personally having an issue with my passwords. The issue is that it was telling me I had too many failed attempts when I NEVER even set a password on the drive to begin with.

mine is doing the same thing too! im going insane. it is my lifes work and now im locked out. i noticed it start when i installed norton 360 so if anyone knows any settings it may have shut down please let me know. however i tried it on a pc without norton and it still wants password! it is redicullous, there must be a solution cause i cant afford to lose this data. im not the only one by the looks of it! wd better come through cause im very upset.

please contact jason if any solutions can be suggested. thanks guys.

Had a gent at work tell me that you can try the default stuff.

username: admin

password: 123456

Hopefully that works for you, if you are actually getting a prompt to put something in.