Password being set w/o user knowledge

Well, after a few strolls in the forum, it seems to be a common problem.

Just sent an email to tech support:



I’ve searched through the forum and there seems to be quite a few people with this problem. My WD my passport suddenly starts to ask for a password even though I’ve never set one up. If there wasn’t very important material (6 months important work) in it, I wouldn’t be contacting, just reset it and go on with my life (well, I’d probably throw the disk in the bin in the process).

Have you figured out this issue? Certainly you must have some hint of what is happening. Is there a default password, it gets whatever is in memory and stick it there, it fills it with random chars? Any clue whatsoever?

I appreciate the time.

Looking forward for some news,


Alberto Pereira"

Meanwhile, anybody got some response regarding this issue?



P.S.: Will post the tech reply here when it arrives.

Did you get a answer to your question?