Tips for Backup Types: Copy v. Synchronize v. Incremental

Hello,  I’d like more information, definitions and example best uses for the different backup types offered by the dashboard.  When I make a backup job, I schedule it and then am asked for what type of backup.  Although I can predict or assume what each one does, I’d still like to know more about which I should choose.

  1. What is the official WD definitions of the different types? 

  2. What are the best scenarios for each? 

3)  Example:  I created a remote backup to copy files from my office EX4 to my home EX4.  It is scheduled to run monthly.  what is the best backup type for this task?

  1. If I select “Copy” as the backup type, will the backup job copy all of the files over?  Will it create a new separate duplicate backup (eating up tons of memory over time)?

5)  If I want to modify the backup type, how do I edit the job?  The only options on the jobs list are start backup, restore, delete job, and job detail.  Where is the “edit job” option?

Thank you everyone!


Page 65 of the manual states “Incremental Backup: Overwrites files with source files that are newer than the target files.”

But the manual is silent as to Synchronize or Copy.  (PS I’ve only ever seen the Synchronize option on the remote backup dashboard.  Is that the same as Incremental?)


For remote backups, you have two options, Copy and Synchronization. 

Copy, will add new files and will update the existing one.

Synch, after the original backup, if you remove a file from the source, it will be deleted from the target when you run the next backup.