Backing Up Data

Hi All,

Can anyone explain to me what the difference is between the “Type of Backup” Copying / Syncing.

Im using an 8TB EX2100 for my iTunes and backing up to a 12TB EX2100, can you not do incramental backups where only what i’ve added to my iTunes data gets added to my backup?



Hello, welcome to the WD community.

The copy option will copy the information from the source to the destination. Synchronize is that whatever information is on the source will also be on the destination, meaning that if you delete something from the source it will also be deleted on the destination.

You can create an incremental backup if you select the copy option and selecting the location of your iTunes library when creating the backup job.



Thanks for the welcome and the info, i will give it a try.

If i have any issues regarding this may i come back to you