Time Machine stops backing up

I’ve done my initial backup to the MyCloud via Time Machine, and there have been several since. The last successful backup was earlier this afternoon, and the next time I opened my mac from its sleep mode, I got an error message: The backup disk image “/Volumes/TimeMachineBackup/Mac.sparsebundle” is already in use.

Does anyone know what I can do to fix this? And please note that I’m not tech savvy and need instructions that are as basic as possible.


Reboot the NAS and try again. Does it clear the lock on the file?

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It’s backing up again, so it looks like the reboot did the trick! 

Do you know why the original error happens–is it just glitchy that way? I guess as long as I can periodically reboot it to correct it, that’s not such a big deal, but it’s still annoying.

At any rate, thanks so much for your quick and simple help!

I am using TimeMachine regularly without any hitch. Some other files got mysteriously locked, like my iTunes library file, but very seldomly.