Newbie Questions

Hi there sorry if i sound a little thick.

I have just bought a MY Cloud 3tb and set it up on my network then ran Timemachine to back my Mac up. After about 36 hours the mac was backed up but the files werent anything i recognised within a folder call “imac.sparsebundle”. Is this correct, i would of been keen to see a replication of my files in the similar order to the mac? 

I have have tried to copy files across and can it only seems to show the folders and not the files within, im sure that i am not something wrong, please help?

This is normal.  You can only access the backup through the Time Machine software.  Click on “Enter Time Machine” or open Time Machine preferences.

Thanks Bill, that gives me some confidence but if i want to stream music, video, pull files, remotely then i presume i have to back them up seperately and is there a quick way to do this? Just pulling some photos across was stating estimated time of 14 days?

Sorry me again, i cant seem now to see the back up files but i do know a large amount of the memory is being used to store them. Back up has stopped working with Time machine nad am unsure what to do?

Is there a reset?