Time Machine couldn’t complete the backup to “My Passport for Mac”


“Unable to complete backup. An error occurred while creating the backup folder.”
I keep getting this message when the time elapses for backup on my 2 TB My Passport for Mac external hard drive.


Do you see this error after your Mac has been asleep for a while? I’ve been having the same problem with a WD My Book 6TB. When the Mac wakes after sleeping for an hour or so, the external drive spins up and the partitions are shown in the finder, but they can’t be read/written to and Time Machine backups fail. I tried every combination of settings in Energy Saver screen, and also the WD Utilities to adjust the sleep timer of the drive. Nothing fixed it. You just have to force eject and reconnect the USB cable.

I was using Mojave, but other people reported the same issue after upgrading from El Capitan to Sierra. I’m still investigating but it seems that WD enclosures simply don’t work well with Macs, unfortunately.



Did you set any password protection on the passport?

You can try turning off the power nap in system preferences of your Mac. Maybe, when your Mac goes into sleep mode and you wake it up then it may show you this error.


I don’t have powernap option on my Macbook Pro 2011and I didn’t set any passwords.
Any other ideas?