Time Machine can’t access the backup disk “TimeMachineBackup”

I managed to setup the MyBookLive for my home network.  However, I am unable to complete setting up Time Machine backup on MyBookLive.  The message I received after logging on as “guest” for the setup (as per WD instruction) is:

Time Machine can’t access the backup disk “TimeMachineBackup”.  The operation couldn’t be completed. (OSStatus error 2.)

WD support “advised” that it belongs to Apple Time Machine program!  Any help would be appreciated.

There seems to be some issues with the authentication on Time Machine.

Check this post on Apple support website and see if it helps:


Apple do not support NAS for TM backups.  I used the MBL in the early days for TM backups (had mine 2 years) and always found them to be very hit and miss.  I made the decision to buy a Time Capsule for TM backups and use my NAS for everything else.  It was a wise move, I’ve never had any issues since either with TM backups or the MBL either.

I had this problem and had a whole load of complicated and frankly stupid posts on how to solve it. In fact, it’s quite simple. Just go to the Dashboard, find the Time Machine Back Up folder, click on it, and then you’ll see the permissions switches. Just flick them over to read and write access…DONE!