MyBookLive server(itunes) time machine issues Need Help!


this is the first post in this community, i recently bought a my book live 3TB for back up and cloud access. im using a mac mini and macbook ret. with mountain Lion OS. my concern is that the first time i loaded files in my MBL itunes server, twonky server and Time Maching back up works flawlessly. however after a few days ive experienced issues that my time machine back up cant locate my MBL same as with itunes and my TV. this issue always happen when i checked my shared tab located in the lower left side of “Finder” app where i only see “mybooklive” while “mybooklive-backup” is missing. my question is, do i have a faulty machine or this is a software bug that cant be fixed. i hope anyone can help me with this problem since i fully restore my drive for 3 times with transferred media of 400GB. a lot of time was wasted


It’s not probable you’re box died so fast, I would recommend the following quick troubleshooting tips:

  • Did you try restarting the MBL?
  • What color is the status LED on the MBL?
  • Are you sure all  the cables are securely connected?
  • Did you try restarting your router?
  • i restarted (force unplugging the power adaptor)the MBL and also the router

  • LED status is GREEN

  • all cables are secured

prior to that i fully restore the drive since the mbl’s itunes server and time machine back up aren’t working. i also reflash the firmware by updating it using a downloaded file. then i created a new user on “create a user” then that’s it i can’t access the UI

i can still access the hard drive on share folder and also i can transfer files. 

thanks for replying aicitman

OK I have a MPB and Mountain Lion and the 2TB drive. So maybe I can help.

  1. When setting up time machine, make sure you login in as admin and NOT guest, then enter the password for your drive.
  2. When connecting to your drive share in finder make sure you connect as admin NOT guest, then enter your password for your drive
  3. Your shares will disconnect if you don’t have them connecting at login when your MPB / Mac Mini Sleeps

To solve the disconnect issue, make a automator script with the following:

  1. Choose get specified servers
  2. Right click your share, choose get info then copy the server information
  3. Paste this in the automator box for specified servers.
  4. Save
  5. Go to settings > users and groups > login items > add the automator script you just made.

Your share will now automount on login silently. Time Machine should work seamlessly.

i already received a replacement unit with firmware 02.10.12-129 then upgraded manually apnc-021109-053-20120413 since it is required for auto update. after updating it prompt to upgrade firmware to apnc-024203-027-20130529. i upgraded it as recommended. after how many minutes it prompt update unsuccessful but when i refresh the ui site notification upgraded successful. until now with the new unit, time machine and media server is unstable/not accessible

OK great you got a new Mybook, but have you tried what I said? If that still does not work, you must have a corrupt OSX install. Therefore I suggest a clean install and restore all your documents from Time machine. I would suggest setting up Time Machine on an external drive, from which you can then restore from as you are having issues with the MBL.