2nd Mac (Mac Mini) cannot connect to MyBookLive for Time Machine Set Up


Before I upgraded my Macbook Pro to Mavericks I set up Time Machine on my brand new 3TB MyBookLive so that I had a full back up. This was my first use of the MBLive, I did not run the set up routine for the drive, just plugged it into my router, my MBPro found the drive and I was away (albeit quite slowly - 190GB took over 12hrs).

I have since carried out several TM back ups on MBPro since upgrading it to Mavericks.

The MyBookLive appears in the Finder window under Shared as:

MyBookLive” - where my TimeMachine is pointed

MyBookLive - backup” - I am unable to access this drive (“Connection Failed”)

My wife has a new Mac Mini (Mavericks out of the box) and today we have tried unsuccessfully to set up Time Machine. She only has the option to select “MyBookLive - backup” on the TM set up and the MacMini fails to connect to it. Time Machine drive select cannot see the “MyBookLive” drive that I can successfully connect to for my TM backups… 

In Finder the Mac Mini can see both “MyBookLive” and “MyBookLive - backup” and she can access “MyBookLive” folders just like my MBPro, similarly she is unable to access “MyBookLive - backup” in Finder. The difference is that she cannot see “MyBookLive” in the Time Machine set up.

Any help?


Check this link. Hope it helps