Mybooklive-backup, "connection failed"

Thought I had this baby installed correctly but I can’t seem to access the backup portion of the drive.  I use Snow Leopard and am trying to get time machine going for backups.  I’ve tried the settings via the web page and the CD…  do I have to reformat the thing?  Anyone have any ideas for trouble shooting?  I only have the “guest” user so far and the other portion of the drive is accessible and works fine. 

Actually, if you are in finder and see “mybooklive-backup” you cannot log in.  Consider it a phantom image.

To setup a TimeMachine backup you do not need to do anything to the MyBookLive.  Just make sure that it is connected properly to your home network and your Mac (s) can see it.


  1. Open Time Machine preferences from Snow Leopard.  You will see the icon on the top menu bar

2.  Slide the switch to On

  1. A window will pop up showing you a list of locations to back up.  Select the “MyBookLive - backup”

4.  Click Use for Backup button

  1. A new window will pop up, and select the Guest option besides “Connact as:” Click Connect buttonl

That’s it…just let Time Machine do the rest.