Time machine backups failing

Hi folks,
Im trying to make a backup to my mybooklive external HD. They keep failing. The message says if the problem persists go to disk utility and repair your disk. Ive been to the location and my external drive isnt listed on the devices?
I dont know if its connected but Ive also been unable to drag and drop my photos from my photo app. It says destination file can not be located.
Yesterday I had a pop up stating my Mybook live wasnt mounted. I proceeded to mount and it pinged when complete. But somethings not right.

My reason for backup and file transfer is that my mac is low on storage and im trying to offload as much as possible to free up space. I feel like Im going around in circles atm.

Can anyone help please ?


As a recommendation, try resetting the unit using the physical button on the back of the unit. Also check the physical connections.

thx for yr reply. I’ll give it a try. I do normally do this and its done frequently enough that I dont envisage this being the problem, but hadnt done it in this instance, so will give it a try. Fingers crossed :smile: