OSX: Shares disappearing, iTunes Server not working, TimeMachine not possible

Hi all,

i got my MBL on friday, and i´m trying to get things working since then, but it doesn´t work as i want to:

iMac and Macbook connected via wireless network to router, MBL directly connected to the router.

Here are my problems:

Shares disappearing

my iMac shows the MBL and MBL-backup only from time to time, my Macbook never shows it. It works by using the finder (connect to server dialog). I can get access via my WD HD TV Live via Twonky without any problems.

iTunes Server not working

i added some files to my public music share and iTunes (on both iMac and Macbook) don´t shows them. The Firefly Server is started, i also restarted it. no luck!

TimeMachine not possible

Some times, when the MBL-backup drive appears in the finder, i´m able to use it in TimeMachine. But when i try to start doing my backup, it says “could not reach MBL-backup”. After this, the MBL-backup shares is not visible in finder anymore.

WD Quick View

My MBL is not always shown in Quick View, after a restart of the NAS it is visible, but only from time to time.

Is there any chance that someone could give me a helping hand on this?

Thank you very very much in advance!

From your description, there could be variety of network connectivity related issues.

1.  Is the LEDs on the front of the MyBookLive blinking or solid green?  Does it ever go to Red?

2.  Can you check the connection of the ethernet between your router and the MyBookLive. Sometimes the ethernet connection may be loose or the cable may be defective.

e.g. try moving the ethernet cable to a different port

  1. Can  you try connecting by wire your iMac and MacBook directly to the router and see if the drops off are still happening?

  2. What kind of router do you have?

Thanks for your patience.