Time Machine backing up to My Cloud WD device

Hi all

I have set Time Machine to back up to my WD My Cloud hard drive. I did the back up overnight and it was completed in the morning.

I went to MY Cloud to find the back up expecting it to be in a separate file but could not trace it or am I missing something ? The back up was 350GB and My Cloud hard drive is showing a capacity change of 93% to 83% so it has worked, but where the back up has gone i don’t know



@Presstog1 Do you have a My Cloud Home or a WD My cloud? You have posted in the My Cloud Home forum!

WD My Cloud !

So OP was in the wrong forum, but I came for the answer to this for my My Cloud Home. I set my My Cloud Home as the target disk for Time Machine. It used up all available space on the drive since there is not way to limit this. I had to figure out how to manually delete Time Machine Backups with Terminal, but even after deleting them, it’s still showing at <1% capacity. The backup is still sitting on the device and I can’t free up the space.

Do I have to wipe it and start fresh? I have a backup of the media files, so I could wipe the device and then copy the files back to it from the connected portable backup drive, but this still seems like a lot of work. Please help…

Have you looked at this already?


I don’t know if this will help or not.