Where has the time machine Integration with My cloud home gone?

I searched online and saw this product had a Time Machine integration built-in, so I bought it. Now I can’t seem to find that setting anymore. People are saying that you should create a user for time machine but I want to limit on how much space Time Machine should take up as it would fill my drive-in hours.

Any help?!

Did you try the support website?

You should find what you need here: https://support-en.wd.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/7839

Please note that Time Machine support on My Cloud Home is limited (no SMB, no size limits, etc.)

So you’re telling me there’s no features like allocating specific amounts of space for time machine on my cloud home? I’ll just send it back then that’s just completely pointless.


Yes indeed (twice)…

Somewhat related…but no answers at the link you provided.

I set my My Cloud Home as the target disk for Time Machine. It used up all available space on the drive since there is not way to limit this. I had to figure out how to manually delete Time Machine Backups with Terminal, but even after deleting them, it’s still showing at <1% capacity. The backup is still sitting on the device and I can’t free up the space.

Do I have to wipe it and start fresh? I have a backup of the media files, so I could wipe the device and then copy the files back to it from the connected portable backup drive, but this still seems like a lot of work. Please help…

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