My Cloud TimeMachine backup continually failing

Hi all.
I’ve been using Time Machine Backup on my MacBook Air 11" (currently running MacOS High Sierra) for a couple of years now, but recently, Timemachine keeps failing to backup due to lack of space on the drive. Upon deciding to allocate more space on the My Cloud drive for the backup, I discovered, I do not have a utility to adjust these parameters as I once did, where have they gone? I cannot find them in the Timemachine utility on the MAC nor can I find a download on the WD website that allows me to access these settings. Any help is gratefully received, as I have not had a successful back up for about 61 days now and I’m beginning to get concerned.

Thanks .

Which My Cloud device do you have? On the single bay My Cloud units (the general subject of this subforum) one can adjust the Time Machine storage settings via the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings > General > Mac Backups > Configure. For example on a single bay first gen v4.x firmware My Cloud the settings screen looks like this:

If you haven’t already done so you may also want to read the My Cloud User Manual ( which explains how to use the various options and features of the My Cloud.

The following WD Kowledgebase article explains how to access the My Cloud Dashboard.

One of the recent Mac OS updates seems to have caused TimeMachine to stop working when linked to a network drive. Stop it and reset the parameters - that seems to start it working again.

It’s not the size of the space on the WD MyCloud that is at fault - TimeMachine always overwrites old backups.


Reset what parameters?

Change the location to a different drive, then change it back to the WDMyCloud. Seemed to work for me.