WD Cloud Timemachine failed

WD My Cloud
Ser.#: [Deleted]
Firmware: v04.04.05-101
Free Space 1.7TB
Public access

I’ve don’t everything the KB indicates and still can’t get Timemachine to create a backup to the WD My Cloud. Suggestions?


Are you able to access the drive on the Mac? Copy and paste files to it?

Are you getting any specific errors?

Please try resetting the unit and then try to see if any of this kb helps.

Yes - can copy files to the TimeMachine located on WDMyCloud.
Error: Time Machine couldn’t complete the backup to “WDMyCloud”. The backup
disk image “/Volumes/TimeMachineBackup-1/Karl’s Mac mini.sparsebundle”
could not be accessed (error 112).
Reset how - power down and bring back up?