Using MBP and Time Machine to move to WD My Cloud

Hi all

I have set Time Machine to back up to my WD My Cloud hard drive. I did the back up overnight and it was completed by the morning.

I went to MY Cloud to find the back up expecting it to be in a separate file but could not trace it, or am I missing something ? The back up was 350GB and My Cloud hard drive is showing a capacity change of 93% to 83% so it has worked, but where the back up has gone I don’t know. I want to delete all the file on my MBP but can’t till I know for sure.



sorry for wrong info just ask cpt_paranola he or she knows

No it doesn’t. MyCloud uses the linux ext4 file system to store files, and uses file server protocols to make this file system available to client devices (SMB, NFS, AFP & FTP).

Time Machine backups should be stored in the TimeMachine share.

I’d be very wary of deleting original files with only a TimeMachine backup on the MyCloud, without checking that you can restore them from the TM sparsebundle.