Thunderbolt G-RAID Degraded - drive(s) or enclosure/controller?

Our Thunderbolt G-RAID is glowing red, and shows ‘Degraded’ as the status in the Configurator app. The enclosure has 2 newer WD Red 6TB drives in a RAID 1 configuration. The drives were just purchased in April 2020. The drive is used for daily backups and has 1.4TB used of 6TB total.

When we opened the front, the top drive’s indicator is red, the bottom blue. HOWEVER, when we switch the position of the actual HDs, it is still the top slot that is red, even with the other drive up there.

When we run Disk Utility’s First Aid on a single drive, the drive checks out as fine, with no issues. And the data appears to be fully accessible when browsing.

Also, when only a single drive is in the top slot, the indicator is now blue instead of red. It’s just that the top drive shows red when there are 2 drives in the enclosure (regardless of which drive it is).

Let me know what this could be and what actions should be taken. I’m cautious about doing a rebuild, as I don’t believe either of the drives are actually bad, and they both have mirrored data on them currently.


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