G-RAID w/TB3 RAID 1 degraded is SUPER SLOW

My G-RAID w/TB3 12TB is configured as RAID 1, and the upper drive is red while the lower drive is blue.

However, the G-RAID with Thunderbolt Configurator does not recognize the device. Device and Name dropdowns are blank. So I have no confidence that I could rebuild the RAID if I replaced the upper drive.

So all I want to do now is copy the data to another drive. The 6TB RAID 1 has about 4TB of data.

However, all Finder operations are super, super slow. I takes a long, long time to view folders in the directory. And copying folders and files is painfully slow. Transfer is about 2GB per HOUR. :confounded:

Is this normal for a degraded RAID? Should I remove the bad drive to see if that might speed things up? Are there other options?