Problem with g raid thunderbolt 3


I ve got a problem with my G raid. i ve got two hard drives in it.
one light of the hard drive is blue and the other one is red.
I tested the both hard drive (together and indivudaly) on my mac and they are working, no problem
If i removed the blue light, the red light hard drive become blue.
I think the hard drivers are going well but i don’t understand why the color of the light indication change
when i restart the g raid or when i removed one hard drive…

I think i have to do a resynchronization of the hard drive. Can you do that without erase the both hard drive ?

Someone have a idea ?


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Hi I have the exact same issue as you, have you found a solution? I am finding it really hard to get a contact number for customer services to resolve this myself.

I have exactly the same problem. Just bought it and set to RAID 1. Top bay flashes red, bottom bay blue. If I swap over the drives, it’s always the top bay that flashes red, so the problem is not the discs. At this moment I’m ‘rebuilding’ the unit according to the configurator and it’s taking a half a day, now at nearly 90% so I’ll see if that helps and let you know. Why isn’t customer servive responding? cheers, Brian Elings - The Netherlands

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I rebuilt it and now everything is working fine. Two blue lights! thanks, Brian