I’m new to this forum so please be gentle with me! I’ve just bought a 2 TB WD Elements Play and I’m experiencing a few problems.

Firstly every folder I have be it a film, TV show or music folder has a cover saved as ‘folder.jpg’. on my WD TV Live they are all displayed when browsing on Thumbnail mode. however on the Play they don’t seem to be showing up at all unless I go directly to the file management folder and directly to the Jpeg. The list view and thumbnail view don’t appear to be any different.

Secondly I also have no sound when playing some of the MKV files (with DTS audio as mentioned in other threads). Is this not supported?

Thirdly (god I’m going on) - On some of the AVI files the sound comes in and out.

Can someone please help me on any of these issues?

Many thanks.

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According to the User Manual, DTS is not supported for any file format.

That seems to be the case. Strange then that they play fine on the ‘TV Live’. You would think that if anything a newer product would play even more.

Any ideas on the thumbnail issues?

Sorry… I’ve only got a WDTV HD, so I can’t really poke around and try to generate the problem myself, to see if I can resolve it for you.  Telling you my thumbnails work won’t really be much help to you. :cry:

And if I had to guess, my answer would be that they didn’t pay for DTS licencing for the unit, in order to keep the cost down to the price point they were looking to offer the product at.  But, who knows why DTS wasn’t added.