Feature Wishlist (post your recommendations here)

Hi there, here are my recommendation for the WD Elements Play

  • Ability to copy/move files to folders

  • Playlists

  • Random Video play

  • Renaming of files

  • Big subtitle font size.

  • Delete folder.


Making a “Post your ideas here” thread is pretty futile.

The chances of anyone from WD who could note the suggestions ever seeing it are pretty slim, if not zero.  They don’t come around reading every thread… this is a user-to-user community.

That’s what the “Ideas Lab” is for.

… no section for it in the Ideas Lab… :frowning:

Well, there’s enough other Ideas in the wrong section to begin with, but “Other Ideas” would seem to work until WD creates a new section for it.

Hi All,

who tried a slideshow ?  

it looks and works like “muppet show”

I suggest to add a simple thing in slideshow :

  • in option -  music  on/off


i hope WD will add the follwing features in a new firmeware release soon:

  1. VC-1 codec support  for MKV / TS / M2TS container (a lot of bluray´s are using vc-1 codec) i don´t want to re-encode everything to h264

  2. DTS downmixing to stereo (currently you hear nothing when a DTS track is used only via spdif to an external receiver works)

3.1080p24 support 

I don´t understand why all the mentionend features are available for the cheaper WD TV devices and not for the WD ELEMENTS PLAY :frowning:

LuckyStrike wrote:


I don´t understand why all the mentionend features are available for the cheaper WD TV devices and not for the WD ELEMENTS PLAY :frowning:

Because the Amlogic chip in the Elements Play doesn’t support them, whereas the Sigma chip in the other WDTV devices does?

I’d guess, since the EP wasn’t targetted for North America, the Amlogic chip was chosen because:

  • it’s cheaper
  • it supports RMVB

wd elements play

It would be really nice if there were a possibility to increase the font size for file names (especially video files). on some TVs filenames look so tiny that sometimes I have to strain my eyes to make them out.

there is an ability to increase font size for subtitles, so why don’t you do the same for filenames!

Hi guys,

this media player is pretty good but… there’s something wrong.

There’s no black borders on subtitles. White letters with white background… it’s simply unreadable.

I have no 5.1 amplifier, just my hd tv connected to WD EP through HDMI… I can’t hear any DTS track.

Is there no downmix to stereo?  This is a big trouble for me…

Bye bye

  • Subtitles BORDER (cannot see subs in white background)

  • Thumbnail preview in FOLDERS… this is a must… every FOLDER should preview the first image that is found (movie/audio library is usually cataloged inside folders, with movie/audio files, subtitles, cover art, etc.), It would be fantastic to have thumbnails instead of a folder icon :-\\

  • Subtitles AUTO-ON. Why do we have to select subtitles everytime we start / restart a movie??? At least the subtitle found with the SAME name as the movie file should be selected.

  • GOTO function : VERY IMPORTANT! Goto a specific TIME in video.

  • DTS would be great, but given the price of this product, i believe it’s out of the equation.

  • aspect ratios are all wrong.

Hi marcolopes… I totally agree with you…

One thing: if you press the button “search” on your remote, when you’re watching

a movie, a popup with Goto function will appear.

Once again, for the other things… I totally agree !

  spikespiegel, thanks for the tip on the “goto” function.

I hope WD dev. team will look at this thread. I really like the WD Play (it’s fast, silent, and a cheaper alternative to WD Live + External HD).

I can live without DTS, but not without some basic (and not so hard to implement ) features.

Sort Videos/Music/Photos by “date of modification” or “date of creation”

Problem: WD Elements Play shows MIXED (SHORT 8.3 and LONG) filenames when BROWSING media.

Tested with Firmware 1.01 and INTERNAL HD (NTFS), on a browsing list of +200 folders.