The reported available storage does seem to be accurate

My reported available storage (from the MyCloud Home screen) is not accurate. I have a 4 TB system. The total size of all my shares is 2.874 TB, so that should leave 1.126 TB available. My EX2 reports only 0.804 TB available. That is a difference of 0.322 TB (32.2 GB). In my book that is a big difference and a lot of space (8% of the NAS).

Does anyone have any idea why such a large discrepancy?
I used the MyCloud Shares Tab to calculate my share sizes, and also used a separate utility.


Hello Welcome to the WD Community.

That’s normal, the capacity of the drive will show different due to the binary numbers being showing as decimals.

See if the following link helps:
Drive displays a smaller capacity than the indicated size on the drive label

Thanks. Greatly appreciated.