Incorrect drive space left

I have just installed a my cloud ex2 with 2 hd: a 4 tb drive, and a 3 tb drive. The unit is setup as jbod - i will backup the ex2 to another nas, so, don’t need raid functionality. The dashboard says there’s 4.89 TB left in the share.
I am using Acronis True Image to backup my computers to the ex2 nas. Acronis is reporting 1.8 TB of 3.66 TB available. This would probably be accurate for the 4 tb drive, but, I should be setup as jbod, so, both drive capacities should be cummulative, not separate.
I’ve been down this road before with this nas - we originally had two 3 tb hd’s loaded in as jbod and got a full message when we approached 3 tb of capacity.
So, is Acronis working incorrectly, or is the ex2 not functioning properly? I need to know before I get the 4 tb drive full and am unable to make any additional backups with Acronis.

Just a quick update: the WD dashboard shows 3.66 tb available. Windows explorer shows 674 gb available. It will interesting to see what windows explorer shows once I get done transferring my 1tb of backup files over to the wd nas - if I’m able to.


Have you performing a system only reset to see if all the information gets updated?

We originally had two 3 tb drives in configured for jbod, which should have given us almost 6 tb of storage space. We started getting 95% full messages at the 3 tb mark. We have since reset (5 sec) the device and installed a 4 tb and a 3 tb drive, as per my original post. This should have given us 7 tb of storage space.

Currently the wd dashboard displays 3.4 tb of space available. Windows displays 542 gb of space available. I’m sure we haven’t put in anywhere near 7 tb of stuff on the drives/volume/shares.

We did do a 5 sec reset of the unit when we put the latest two hard drives in (7 tb total). Is that the system only reset you’re referring to?

After splitting the RAID to JBOD, did you enable the freed-up drive as a Share? Once that’s done the Dashboard Home should should the total storage of the two, but each drive is accessed through a different Share. If you want one big 6-, or now 7-TB volume, you need to select Spanning in the RAID setup, not JBOD.

Yeah, I goofed and wanted spanning instead of jbod. thank you for the heads up, i’m busy re-copying 4.7 tb back to the newly re-formatted wd my cloud ex2 nas.