The End

Well, I have removed the batteries from the remote & returned “Everything” to the box.

Way too many issues & wd seems not to really care. I give up.

I am outta here, ya’ll have a nice life.

Sure the latest firmware is for very many people a disaster but previous firmwares were solid I thought.

I updated to the latest but couldn’t play any media but a quick & simple downgrade got me up & running again.

Can’t play any media, really? MP4s?

I am trying to make wd et all go away. I am done!

This person :

Subject: Escalated post
From: Hamlet
Date: 09-14-2014 06:45 AM

sent me email which (though I really dont care what is) I am not allowed to read.

I get this:

 Your email is currently excluded from receiving community notifications

this is fine, stop sending ANYTHING!! Expunge me from “anything” wd, please.

Techflaws wrote:

Can’t play any media, really? MP4s?

Yes really. That update was a TOTAL disaster for me as mkv,avi & mp4 were unplayable from any source.

MP4 is a  known bug but MKV, AVI? All working fine here.

I’m going to point you to these links below. What you do from here is up to you. I will tell you this though, my WDTV SMP is the best media player as of 9/16/2014 - STILL. - “WHY” - You may ask? - - It’s because with the firmare version I’m using from these links below and the modifications I have in place, I have a media player to display my movies without any problems. I have a media player that shows my movie thumbnails big enough to enjoy them and the background movie page correcly without squinting at the words. - I figured how to have it all. The cool movie interface and menu navigation with movie posters and trailers - all local on my network. - So, I just want to let you know that the WDTV Live SMP is a device that can be what you want it to be, but you need to customize it. And as far as anyone else making anything better, I’m still waiting. Other devices can’t either play all of the video file formats, can’t play the same level of audio/video, or either can’t be as easily customizable.

So I leave you with these links. The WDTV units are not perfect by any means, but I found them to be the best at what they do compared to anything else. This is where I started and I haven’t looked back. - Oh! I’ve been looking for something better, but even XBMC, Dune Media Player and even Popcorn Hour have not equalled what I have now. One key ingrediant is the Sigma Chip in the WDTV units. - And the WDTV units have a very small footprint in power requirements and size. - Also, note that I’m using the TITAN THEME with some of my own customizations to display content better and faster.

Since the modded firmwares are based on the original faulty ones, I really doubt installing these will  make any difference when it comes to his issues.

Different versions of the firmware have different faults. New versions have usually brought new faults/bugs and I can honestly say I’m using a version with very few faults for my uses of watching movies. I don’t use it for anything else. I have not experienced any faults, so in my opinion, it is running just fine. 

I have updated my firmware imediately after the release. but so far i don’t encounter any problem except for 1 mp4 movie that is captured in the music menu. i have more than mp4 movies but only 1 mp4 goes to the music. maybe its because of the mp4 coding.

i used my wd tv live smp for watching movies, playing music, playing home videos, watching youtube. so far I am happy and satisfied with this little thing under my tv. the hdmi pass to my 7.1 pioneer a/v made me happy even more.

i can say. this little thing is the best of its kind.

imagine donwloading hd movies from the torrent and play it in your hdtv.