WD TV Live, version 1.01.24, Firmware Update

New firmware update for the WD TV Live, version 1.01.24, is now available at http://www.wdc.com/wdproducts/updates/?family=wdfwdtv_live

Liking the sound of all the YouTube updates in the release notes, will update next time I turn on the media player.

My “Access to YouTube Channels/Subscriptions/alter position of videos” idea has been acknowledged, the fast forward /rewind suggestion in that idea has been implemented it seems via an idea soley about that. ( http://community.wdc.com/t5/WD-TV-Live-Ideas/YouTube-FF-amp-Rev/idi-p/790)

Please give kudos for my idea to have access to channels/subscriptions at 



A smooth upgrade with welcome enhancements for YouTube.  Nice!  Thanks!

Thanks for the new Firmware but disappointed as eagerly waiting for DVD menus

can anyone confirm if this fixes the audio sync problem? there’s no way I can update from .00 if that issue is still evident.

thanks in advance.

I’m glad to see an update, however Revision3 videos still have an issue.  The video portion seems to play at 2x the speed of the audio.  These videos used to work prior to .11 firmware.

On a positive note, it looks like MKV encapsulated files played from the network no longer have the slight studder/judder issue that was sometimes noticeable on moving objects like the beginning credits such as the Paramount stars forming around the Paramount logo.

Keep the updates coming WD!

my WD crashes every time I try to access network shares… worked fine before upgrade :cry:  How does one revert to a old firmware ???

seems that autologin to network shares fixed the issue… hmmm  ok mybe not… restarted server and full network still having issues…intermitent connection :|… I just want to watch a movie :expressionless:

MP4 HD movies are working fine now.  Rewind or Forward, the audio is still in-sync. 

Do not take this version, 50 % of videos do not work on youtube.

I give up with it… when I can manage to get to network shares I get 10min and then I lose my connection and takes about 10min to get it to see it again… though I can get to media servers with out issue (BTW same system)… to bad I’m streaming an ISO file and media server does not ‘host’ that up… revert guess tomorrow…time to pull out the DVD

Although it is extremely encouraging to see new updates being released (two in one month!), I didn’t buy this device for youtube . . . this update does nothing for me.

I haven’t had stable network share performance in over two months!  PLEASE FIX THAT NEXT, WD!!!

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Skimmer wrote:

Do not take this version, 50 % of videos do not work on youtube.

Indeed, before it could play most things, and HD stuff, now it seems most of the youtube clips you find gives you this message: “This video is restricted by the video content owner and is not available on TV connected devices.” Guess thats because WD has to follow some rules to stream Youtube, but it probably also means this youtube access suddenly became a lot less interesting. People are probably just going to rip the HDs from the youtube website and play that instead. Oh well. At least its an update - hope many more will follow.

the issue with some MP4 files has been solved , FF/REV doesn’t unsync the the sound from video

too bad they didn’t fix some MP4 files that goes crazy and starts getting noisy , like video playback runs fast while sound off or sound just runs normal , this is just an YOUTUBE update which I don’t use much -once or twice-a week

@whattheheck : I thought WDTVlive use same chip as seagate’s theater+ , while theater+ runs rmvb why isn’t wdtvlive unable to ?

Helo, I didn’t  purchased wd tv live to play youtube videos, but hd videos. Why i have to change the frame/ratio resolutión manualy? Thats important . Why i can’t see dvd menus? That’s important.

This firmware update has no sense for me. That’s the last time i bought a westert digital product. By, by


Yes, I 100% agree with you, aurelio!

The most important improvements would be:

  • DVD menus
  • auto frame rate / resolution
  • USB Keyboard (wireless). This would be a good Youtube improvement
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I definitely agree that the “This video is restricted by the video content owner and is not available on TV connected devices” restriction put in place by Youtube for WD TV Live customers is unnecessarily prohibitive.  I haven’t tried using my Playon link to Youtube to know whether the same occurs there.  Also, even though we can now log in to our Youtube accounts within WD TV Live, I see no way for me to choose from the “Subscriptions” I have set up.  Again, Playon provides that capability fine with no hiccups.

Has the MP4  Synch problem been solved???

Update installed without any hiccups, YouTube working perfectly now.  Thanks for that.  Now bring on Netflix!

the problem with mp4 files hasn’t been solved , check this link  http://www.youtube.com/user/marzoqikhaled#p/a/u/0/2_eLuYUGjGA  , to be noted this happens in the current and the previous firmwares

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