The Difference of My Passport Ultra Products


After 5 years, I am going to buy my 3rd WD External Drive.

But before I buy it, I want to know what is the difference between these two My Passport Ultra 2TB Black models?

WDB MWV 0020 BBK-05 (I can see details about this model on WD web site)
WDB MTA 0020 BBK-EESN (No information about this model on WD web site) (I only know this model is Exclusive Edition including soft bag with 5 year limited warranty. But what else? And why 5 years limited warranty? That makes me wonder.)

When I checked information sheet about Model Numbers - Branded Products, I saw this sheet is not updated since 2009 November, which is more than 5 years !!! SUCH A SHAME FOR WD !!!

Is there anybody who can help me about this?

Thank you in advance.

Hi there and welcome to the WD community

It would seem that since the second one is a limited edition it has more warranty and the soft bag, but both should have the same performance.

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You wrote the things I already know.  This is not the answer of my question. But thank you for your reply anyway.

i’m sorry if i misunderstood the question i thought you meant the difference between each drive. What exactly would you like to know to see if i can help you out? 

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I want to know the meaning of MTA in this product model: WDB MTA 0020 BBK-EESN


I want to know the meaning of MWV in this product model: WDB MWV 0020 BBK-05

Thank you again for your positive reply.