WD My Passport Ultra - external Hard Disk 2 TB - difference between new and old gen -

Hi to everyone.

I just bought a WD Hard Disk: WD My Passport Ultra - external Hard Disk 2 TB.
I realized there is a more recent version of the same hard disk, wich you can find at a different price.

I was wondering if there are real technical differences between these 2 units:

  • WDBMWV0020BBL (the older version I bought)
  • WDBBKD0020BBL (this should be the newer version).
    They both are 2TB 2,5" HD.

I tried to search all WD site, but I was not able to find a real difference (apart of the look of the chassis).

Could you help me? It’s only curiosity for me. :slight_smile:


Hello there,

Another difference could be the WD Backup, this is a new software for backup that is available for the My Passport. Hope this helps.