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What is the difference between My Passport Ultra(2016 model) and My Passport(with new design)??
All the specs listed in introduction page are same. Both supports same type of things with same configuration and same price.
Why WD introduced a new model?? only for new design ??

Can anybody list the technical specification differences or a compare chart ??

Note:- EARLIER I gave the topic as
" Difference between My Passport Ultra (2016 model) and My Passport (new design) "
and a popup came that topic contains censored words… lolz…dear WD, plz tell me what are they.


Have you tried contacting WD Online store to see if they have detailed information about those products?

See if this helps

I think the Software for the New Ultra wants you to Manually Start each backup Vs. my current Ultra drive/Software (WD Smartware) that Starts Backups Automatically when you have it set that way.