Difference between passport and passport ultra

What is the difference between My Passport and My Passport Ultra portable drives? The description and specs seem to be the same, and there is only a small difference in price. Is “Ultra” better in some way?


WD has several models with name “Passport” or “Passport Ultra”. Can you please share the model numbers for each drive?

Let’s consider two very similar models:
My Passport Ultra 4TB WDBBKD0040BBK-NESN
My Passport 4TB WDBYFT0040BBK-WESN
The specs on the WD information pages look the same.
I would expect “Ultra” to be better in some way – this model costs $10 more than the other. I found a PC Magazine review from last year of the 2TB models, and they said the non-Ultra version had better performance, yet costs less.

So what is the difference?

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no one knows?

Only difference I can find is the Social Media Discovery software included in the Ultra. (Color aswell)
“Social Media and Cloud Storage Import
Included WD Discovery™ software connects to popular social media and cloud storage services, like Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox and Google Drive™. Import your photos, videos and docs to the My Passport Ultra drive to help preserve your online life.”

Is the drive inside the casing different between the My Passport 4TB and the Ultra 4TB?
Or the casing is metal instead of plastic?

I bought last year a Ultra 4 TB Metallic edition, and I like it, but I don’t see it anymore. Only the fancy design with the sharp-hard edges, which looks cool but much less comfortable to transport in a bag or pocket. The rounded edges of the metallic edition are way much better.