My Passport Ultra 2TB Warranty 5 years vs 3 years


In January 2016 I bought a WD My Passport Ultra 2 TB hardrive from PC World (the box packaging says exclusive edition 5 year warranty with carrying pouch). The guarantee on box states 5 years. The model no. is WDBMLA0020BBL-EESN

In March 2016 I bought what I though was the same WD My Passport Ultra 2TB hardrive from Amazon (this time the box packaging says Windows 10). The guarantee on box states 3 years. The model no. is WDBBKD0020BWT-EESN

Can anyone help explain the difference between the 3 year and 5 year guarantee? The purchases are only 3 months apart and the 5 year guarantee would assumingly be better?

The January one says “Exclusive Edition” the March one doesn’t … WD Brochure (page2 down the bottom)

What was the price difference out of curiosity ?

Hi the January 2016 purchase with the 5 year guarantee cost £74.99 from PC World but included a free £10 plastic coloured grip to go around the hardrive. If you minus the grip the cost is £64.99.

The March 2016 purchase from Amazon with the 3 year guarantee cost £64.99 with a free case costing £3.50.

So not much difference in price.

The point is that I can go to PC World today and still buy the WD My Passport Ultra 2TB with the 5 year guarantee (exclusive edition). The cost from PC World today is £79.99 less £5 in store discount to be £74.99 plus £10 cash back… so same price of £64.99.

If I had known the guarantee difference before, I would not have bought from Amazon but bought the second harddrive from PC World as the 5 years guarantee sounds a safer option to me.

Still do not understand why an exclusive edition would have a longer guarantee if the products are basically the same.


found a similar question here

my only guesses are limited edition = the limited 5 years instead of standard 3

and who knows … on the outside they may be similar but what’s inside ? eg. Green, Blue or Black Class HDD

I think you’ll need to contact Western Digital for the answer