The computer cannot detect HDD Red Pro 10TB


I have a problem with my HDD Red Pro. When I connect this disk to my computer, it do not see his. In Disk Managment my computer do not see this disk. I used different SATA ports and new SATA cables. BIOS (UEFI) do not see this disk. The problem also occurs when the drive is connected to the computer by the docking station. The disk can be heard that it works but is not recognized. At a friend’s, IT also doesn’t work. The store after the first attempt rejected the complaint. It will be checked in WD service. I have also problem with registration this product. I still get the wrong serial number message . Does this NAS drive have any special requirements?

My copmuter

  • MSI Z87 Mpower Max
  • Intel I7-4770k
  • 16 gb CL10 ddr3 corsair dominator
  • be quiet dark power pro 10 850W
  • windows 7 X64 Ultimate
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Firstly, don’t post serial numbers on public forum for privacy reasons … the serial number is your warranty.

Secondly, i would have thought a Serial Number would contain at least one Numerical Number in it’s S/N code ? … I’ve never seen a WD serial number with just Alphabetical letters.

as for your other problem(s) … sorry, i don’t know

Sorry for write my S/N but i can’t write to WD for wrong S/N and MDL

I have information from WD support. This disk is refurbished and it don’t has warranty. Therefore, the disk serial number is incorrect. A reputable auction site store has sold an incompatible product… Wd support claims after my description that the disk is damaged. Thanks for help