The APP IS DOWN for weeks now!

I cannot get this resolved! I have had the WD READVIEW system for a few plus years now - more like 3. I have used the app on my android phone and it is still there. I gave the system to my elderly parents and put up at their home. They also had the app on the APPLE phone - no issues. Well they changed to NEW phones and now the APP is no longer there! I can see it and their home, but they cannot use the app - it’s GONE from the stores on the phones. Both mine and theirs. I have called WD - got bounced around to many different lines, #'s, companies - then someone said to call the Microcenter - on hold for an hour for them to tell me they DO NOT do the software - only tech support for hard ware - but they think the app was removed to “work on it” - but they would report it to WD READYVIEW - I have emailed, called, and nothing - the APP is still DOWN - anyone else? I would like my almost $400 back since we cannot use the PHONE app to see our/their home - how can they use it- someone to get back asap - help! Thank you

I just went on the Apple App Store and the WD ReadyView app is on there.

We have androids and it’s literally not there - I have looked at everything - and when I called they told me they took it down for a “bug” - and maybe 48 hours - it’s been a week and nothing - it’s not there - I looked in 3 other people’s w/ androids and nothing. I asked the person if the name or app changed and they said no. Thx

Is app working for android now. I just installed system at home. Now cant even log into app to set it up. PLEASE HELP. 314-853-9585 TY Don