Has WD discontinued the ReadyView security system?

I’ve only been using my existing ReadyView system for 2 years and wanted to expand it. But now I’m noticing stores are sold out and am wondering did WD discontinue this product or is there going to be more and newer security products?

I think they really discontinue the produce. But you can still grab more cameras from BestBuy, Amazon, just Goole it.

I actually picked up a 2nd NVR too but I’m also concerned about the app, hope we get to continue using the live video feed.

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When I saw your post I called WD support today and they said that the ReadyView system is listed as a current product on their website, they weren’t discontinuing it, and referred me to MicroCenter for support. I called MicroCenter support and they told me that WD contracted with them to provide support for the ReadyView system and that the ReadyView system is not being discontinued. You can readily buy it on their website www.MicroCenter.com or in their stores. I purchased my ReadyView system at a MicroCenter store a few weeks ago and was there again today and saw a bunch of them on their shelf. It’s a great and affordable system and I hope they continue to sell it and support it for many years. I also asked why the app hasn’t been updated for a year and was told that they only push out updates if something isn’t work properly. Since the app is running well without any known problems, it doesn’t need an update. I then asked why you can only access the DVR on a computer using the outdated Internet Explorer and was told that the video plug-in they use doesn’t work on the new Edge browser and they didn’t have any answers as to when it will be compatible. I’m guessing it’ll happen if Microsoft does something to remove IE from computers in an update. I’m getting the feeling that WD has a “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” mentality.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you!
I’m so glad you did this, it’s a relief to know this product isn’t going to be discontinued. I honestly prefer the “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality, like toyota and their cars because they’ll run for decades!
I don’t understand the reason why they’d limit themselves to only allowing MicroCenter sell/support them, but oh well …