Thank-you but


Thank-you for the latest update. It fixed 2 of my 3 problems.

1.It fixed the problem on the file management display where the display didn’t update to indicate that files were removed/Moved, etc.

  1. It fixed the problem where the display bar at the bottom of the screen didn’t disappear after pausing a video playback.

These were welcome updates but you still didn’t fix the most fundamental of errors.

i.e. Playback of music by anything outher than “album” is effectivvely disabaled. If you attempt to “play music by genre”, you must ultimately drill down to an album and play only those songs in that one album. We need to have the ability to play all music in a genre, or all by an artist, etc. This is a fundamental feature of audio players.

Why hasn’t it been fixed???

There is a newer firmware release, if you update to it, you still have the same issue?