Tautulli (for Plex) Install help


I have been trying to install Tautulli on my WD PR4100 device.
I have used the packages that Tfl kindly provided in the link below. Tfl package
I have installed ‘Entware’ first and then the Tautulli package second.

However, it seems the package wont start.
When trying to access Tautulli I get a ‘site cannot be reached message’
at myip:8282

I have tried to follow some troubleshooting that I have found on here by entering some codes onto WinSCP to try and make it work, but I am still having no luck.

Is anyone available to help me with this please?


It’s because python2 no longer works in entware I think. Next Monday I planned to work on this.

Thank you for responding so quickly.
I appreciate that you responded too, Tfl.
Yes, please! Thank you for helping us with this :slight_smile: