Syncing files on MY CLOUD HOME

I am using a My Cloud Home (6TB) in conjunction with a Mac Mini and SONOS system.
I have a large ITUNES database (206GIG) and I am unable to update just the changes I make to the original ITUNES ie added music. It seems odd that I have to drag the complete ITUNES folder into the MY CLOUD HOME each time I add a cd…is this correct…is there a better way ? I have been told by WD “support” that WD SYNC is not supported on MY CLOUD HOME …any ideas or fixes ?

Yes, it is required to copy iTunes music into Public Share to play using SONOS system. You can have a look on below link for more details:

Thanks for that. I am able to play the music ok (files are a little disjointed when it is a compilation album but I can work with that) the issue that I cannot resolve is that when I add a single cd to my itunes library on the MAC how can I transfer this to the MyCloud without having to copy the complete Itunes library again (takes over 1 hour) ?